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About Reva

I have worked in the field of adult education as an instructor, instructional designer and consultant since 1984. My practice focuses in two major areas: trainer development workshops (The Trainer's Workshop Series) and learning-related Consultation Services.

The Trainer's Workshop Series

The main focus of my work has been to assist instructors and instructional designers in their ongoing professional development. I work with folks who have occasional, part-time or full-time responsibilities for designing and delivering face-to-face training programs for adult learners.

A detailed description of the workshops which are available for instructors and instructional designers can be found under The Trainer's Workshop Series. These workshops can be delivered to groups or in one-to-one or small group formats. The workshops strive to be relevant, practical, interesting, motivating, respectful and enjoyable.

Consultation Services

The second part of my practice is consulting on learning-related matters. My role as a consultant is to be of assistance to individuals, groups or organizations for as short or as long a time as necessary. I am committed to providing support and assistance in a timely, efficient, cost-effective and supportive manner. The range of consulting services is extensive. Examples of consultation possibilities can be found under Consultation Services.

I work in all sectors: post-secondary institutions, business & industry, government agencies and non-profit organizations. I believe strongly in a collegial atmosphere and I am continually reminded of how much I learn from those with whom I have the privilege of working.

I hold an M.Ed. in Adult Education from the University of British Columbia.